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Nemesis and 1hm behavior

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So I recently reinstalled LE and decided to switch to Nemesis to be able to try out some of the new dependent animation mods. I've also pre run fnis for creature anims. The problem I'm having is when my character is moving and attacking with one hand weapon the actual hit (sound and damage) gets triggered multiple times before the animation finishes, or in some cases restarts the animation, when LMB spamming.  This doesn't happen when standing still. I believe it has to do with nemesis as I removed it and ran with just fnis, removing nemesis dependent mods, and the issue disappears.  The only nemesis dependent mod I started with was 360 movement behavior, and I tried nemesis without that one and the problem still occurred.  I also added some of the further dependent mods and activated more patches in an effort to correct the problem but so far nothing has worked with Nemesis.


I also looked over the bug reports on the Nemesis github, and several google searches, and haven't found anything about this issue.


Has anyone encountered this issue and fixed it? Are there more settings somewhere I might have missed?  Mod list attached.


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