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Need Some Info - First Time Modding for Skyrim VR

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Hey hey people, I have a working mod list for Skyrim Special Edition and I would really like to try out Skyrim VR at some point soon. I am sure that there needs to be quite a few changes to the list, and to avoid days of troubleshooting, researching and discovery, I'd rather have some help from some people who already modded for VR.


So I am wondering if there is anything that needs to be added, removed or changed for this mod list (Found below). I also added line dividers for every ten or so mods, just so as to make it easier to read for anyone. And thanks in advance to anyone that is willing to help!! ^-^



# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
+Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold 2020-SSE
+Opulent Thieves Guild Patch
+Opulent Thieves Guild
+True Thane - Hearthfire Patch
+True Thane
+Maximum Carnage
+Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID)
+Vibrant weapons
+Load Order Patch 2 (Patch Made by Me. Mostly Nemesis for animations and ALLGud generated meshes for equipment)


+Fuz Ro D-oh
+Talkative Dragons
+Face Discoloration Fix
+Load Order Patch 1 (Patch Made by Me. Mostly Nemesis for animations and ALLGud generated meshes for equipment)
+Dirt and Blood
+VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE
+Bears of the North
+Vanilla weapons with reflections
+Elegant Beauty Stunning Eyes
+Community Overlaya

+Skygazer Moons
+Skin Feature Overlays
+Rune Replacer Textures
+Eyes of The Beholder
+Northborn Scars
+Beautiful Boats - 4K
+Nord Ship Texture
+Bijin Wives SE
+Bijin Warmaidens SE
+Bijin NPCs SE

+RS Children Overhaul - Helgen Reborn Patch
+RS Children Overhaul
+kryptopyr's Automated Patches
+Skyrim Unleveled
+Skyrim Souls
+Expressive Facial Animation - Female
+Expressive Facial Animation - Male
+Expressive Facegen
+Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes 4K
+Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes

+PrivateProfileRedirector SE - Faster game start (INI file cacher)
+Address Library for SKSE Plugins
+FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts
+NET Script Framework
+My Home is Your Home
+Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
+XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - Fixed Scripts
+XP32 Maximum Skeleton
+powerofthree's Papyrus Extender
+Frozen Electrocuted Combustion

+Consistent Older People
+Realistic Skin And Hair Shaders - Giants
+Realistic Skin And Hair Shaders - Beasts
+Edhildils Female Creatures
+SSE Engine Fixes
+Mfg Fix
+Unofficial Material Fix

+Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
+JK's Skyrim - Realistic Water Two Patch
+JK's White Phial - ELFX Patch
+JK's White Phial
+JK's Skyrim - Open Cities Patch
+JK's Skyrim - Holidays Patch
+JK's Skyrim - Arthmoor's Patch
+JK's Sadris Used Wares - ELFX Patch
+JK's Sadris Used Wares
+JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub

+DFB - Random Encounters
+Missives - JK Skyrim Patch
+Missives - Notes Retexture
+JK's Skyrim
+LiveAnotherLife - ELFX Hardcore Patch
+ELFX - Fake Door Light Remover
+ELFX Exteriors Open Cities Patch
+ELFX Exteriors JK's Skyrim Patch

+ELE - ELFX Consistency Patch
+Enhanced Lights and FX Fixes
+Enhanced Lights and FX - Exterior Fixes
+Enhanced Lights and FX
+Enhanced Lighting for ENB - Helgen Reborn Patch
+Enhanced Lighting for ENB - Falskaar Patch
+Enhanced Lighting for ENB - Cutting Room Floor Patch
+Enhanced Lighting for ENB - Bruma Patch
+Enhanced Lighting for ENB
+Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows

+Realistic Needs and Diseases - Realistic Water Two Patch
+Realistic Needs and Diseases - Hunterborn Patch
+Realistic Needs and Diseases - Frostfall patch
+Realistic Needs and Diseases - Falskaar Patch
+Realistic Needs and Diseases - Drinking Fountains Patch
+Realistic Needs and Diseases - Bruma Patch
+Realistic Needs and Diseases
+Realistic Water Two - ENB Patch
+Realistic Water Two
+ARTH - Whistling Mine

+ARTH - The Fall of Granite Hill
+ARTH - Telengard - Realistic Water Two Patch
+ARTH - Telengard
+ARTH - Soljund's Sinkhole
+ARTH - Shor's Stone
+ARTH - Rorikstead
+ARTH - Provincial Courier Service - Skyrim Bridges Patch
+ARTH - Provincial Courier Service
+ARTH - Oakwood - Realistic Water Two Patch
+ARTH - Oakwood

+ARTH - Kynesgrove
+ARTH - Karthwasten
+ARTH - Ivarstead
+ARTH - Helarchen Creek
+ARTH - Falkreath
+ARTH - Dragon Bridge
+ARTH - Dawnstar
+ARTH - Darkwater Crossing
+CC's HQ Roadsigns SSE - UHD - 4.2
+CC's HQ Mines Redone Parallax Textures

+CC's HQ Mines Redone - AiO - 1.5
+CC's HQ Firewood
+CC's HQ Caves - 2K - 1.1
+CC's HQ Carts
+CC's HQ Buckets
+CC's HQ Barset
+CC's HQ Alduins Wall
+CC's HD Dwemer Automatons - Remastered
+CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn Parallax
+CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn

+CC's Enhanced Ore Veins
+CC's Castle Volkihar Reborn
+zxlice's ultimate potion animation
+YY Anim Replacer - Mystic Knight
+Your Own Thoughts
+Wearable Lanterns MCM Fix
+Wearable Lanterns
+Paper HUD
+Winter Is Coming
+Unread Books Glow SSE

+Shields of the Holds
+Unique Uniques SE
+Unique Skulls HD
+Unique Booze Bottles HD - Alternate Names
+Unique Booze Bottles HD
+Training Dummies Retexture - Fix
+Training Dummies Retexture
+Toxicity SE
+Timing is Everything - Bruma Patch
+Timing is Everything

+The Eloquent Reader - True Scholar
+Terrain LOD redone
+Sweeping Organizes Stuff
+Stormcloak Battle Armor Replacer
+Spouses Enhanced
+Splashes Of Skyrim
+Smooth Sky mesh
+Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel

+Skyrim's Got Talent - ALLGUD Patch
+Skyrim's Got Talent - Improve As a Bard
+Septim Retexture
+Scrolling Speed Continued
+Run For Your Lives
+Ruins Puzzle Pillar
+Retexture for The Scroll
+Resplendent Armor and Greatsword
+Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Patches

+Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
+Realistic HD Food Remastered
+Real Names
+Race Menu
+People are Strangers
+Paper UI Sounds
+The Witcher 3 Music Overhaul
+Insane Cum Retexture

+Improved Dwemer Glass
+Elder Scroll HD
+All Geared Up Derivative
+High Quality Food and Ingredients
+Realistic Paper Parchment
+Misc Retexture Project - SMIM Patch
+Misc Retexture Project - Fix
+Misc Retexture Project - 2K
+Misc Retexture Project
+Improved Camera INI file for OStim - Works with PrivateProfile Redirector

+Improved Camera
+Heljarchen Farm
+Windstad Mine
+Sofia - Patch
+Buxom Wench Yuriana
+L u n a

+Hachishaku Healer Follower
+EOMSIC Yunsol Custom Voice Follower - SSE
+First Person Combat Animations Overhaul 2.0 -SIZE MATTERS
+Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows
+Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards
+Perfect Legionnaire - Patch
+Perfect Legionnaire
+Wet and Cold - Fur Hoods Fix
+Artesian Cloaks of Skyrim
+Cloaks of the Nords

+Cloaks Of Skyrim Retextured
+Cloaks of Skyrim SSE
+Wet and Cold SE
+Warburg's Paper World Map Flat Fix
+Flat Map Markers
+Quick Loot RE
+Wood and Paper - SkyUI - Dear Diary Skin
+Paper Maps Patch
+Paper World Map
+Dear Diary

+More Informative Console
+Font Overhaul
+Campfire and Frostfall - Patcher
+Campfire - Complete Camping System
+Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
+Hunterborn - MCM Patch
+Keep It Clean - A Bathing mod
+Immersive HD Banners
+Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul

+Immersive Spell Learning
+Immersive Weapons
+Immersive Interactions
+Immersive Children
+Immersive Armors
+Conditional Expressions - Subtle Face Animations
+Blended Roads
+Lanterns Of Skyrim II
+Skyrim Bridges - Cutting Room Floor Patch
+Skyrim Bridges

+CBPC - CBP Physics with Collisions
+Hide Your Quests
+Masculine Khajiit Textures
+Masculine Argonian Textures
+Feminine Khajiit Textures
+Feminine Argonian Textures
+Immersive Wenches -Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul- Patch
+Immersive Wenches - Judgment Wenches
+Immersive Wenches - Hateful Wenches

+Immersive Wenches - Forgotten Wenches
+Immersive Wenches - Deadly Wenches
+Immersive Wenches
+BA Bard Songs
+Magic Sounds Rework
+Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Patch
+Immersive Sounds - Compendium
+Audio Overhaul
+FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons
+Schlongs of Skyrim SE

+SkySight Skins - Fix
+SkySight Skins
+HALOS Human Tongues Converted to SSE by ZMD78 Main
+Backshields - Update
+Dragon Animation Replacer Addon
+Dragon Animation Replacer
+Demonic Alduin
+Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack (SE)
+Dragon War - Variants Addon

+Dragon War - A Dragon Overhaul
+Book Covers Skyrim
+Books of Skyrim - Patch
+Books of Skyrim
+JS Dragon Claws - Patches
+JS Dragon Claws SE
+Gemling Queen Jewelry SE
+aMidianBorn Imperial Forts SE 4K Parallax
+aMidianBorn Buildings and Landscapes SE - Fix
+aMidianBorn Buildings and Landscapes SE - Snow

+aMidianBorn - Complete Crafting Overhaul Patch
+aMidianBorn Fix
+aMidianBorn Content Addon
+TMB Vanilla Armors and Clothes SSE
+TMBE Enhanced Body
+Awesome Potions
+4K Enchanting Table
+4K Alchemy Table
+After the Civil War - Siege Damage Repairs

+Improved Closedfaced Helmets USSEP Patch
+Improved Closefaced Helmets
+A Matter of Time
+Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch
+Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patches
+Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
+Complete Crafting Overhaul Fix
+Complete Crafting Overhaul
+Enhanced Blood Textures

+Mortal Enemies
+Deadly Spell Impacts
+Skyrim Revamped - Complete Enemy Overhaul
+Archery Gameplay Overhaul SE
+Attack Behavior Revamp
+Combat Gameplay Overhaul
+Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim
+Lock Overhaul
+Rudy HQ - Soul Gems
+Rustic Soulgems

+Ancient Pottery
+Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins
+Immersive College of Winterhold
+Alternate Start - Live Another Life
+Bruma and Other Patches for Convenient Horses
+Real Horses
+Convenient Horses
+Nether's Follower Framework
+No NPC Greetings
+AI Overhaul

+Holidays - Open Cities Patch
+Open Cities Skyrim - Drinking Fountains of Skyrim Patch
+Drinking Fountains of Skyrim
+Open Cities Skyrim
+Beyond Skyrim Bruma - DLC Patches
+Beyond Skyrim Bruma
+Helgen Reborn
+Dungeons - Revisited

+Majestic Mountains
+Better Dynamic Snow SE
+moreHUD Inventory Edition
+Hearthfire multiple adoptions
+Origins Of Forest - 3D Forest Grass
+Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants
+Folkvangr Grass and Foilage
+Stunning Statues of Skyrim
+HD Sabre Cat Tooth Mesh and Texture

+HD Meshes and Textures for Animal and Creature Drops
+Kanjs - Utensils set and Weapons - 4k -2k -1k
+HD Tankard
+Skeleton 4k Retexture
+Static Mesh Improvement Mod
+Paarthurnax Quest Expansion
+Dynamic Animation Replacer
+Cutting Room Floor
+Project New Reign - Nemesis PCEA

+ONights - NPC
+OStim - OSex overhaul
+Unofficial OSex Bug Patch

+Nibbles Animation Pack for OStim
+OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine
+iWant Widgets
+SL Defeat
+SL Hentai Pregnancy
+SL Dialogue
+SL BJ Sound Replacer
+SL Aroused
+SL Sound FX Replacer

+SL Framework
+HD Baskets
+Noble Skyrim
+SSE Parallax Shader Fix (BETA)
+Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
*DLC: Dawnguard
*DLC: Dragonborn
*DLC: HearthFires



From my understanding, I know there needs to be a few adjustments for Sky UI, Dear Diary (maybe), and something about the animation mods I have for combat....

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I only have 4 .esl plugins in the load order, they are below for anyone interested. ^-^




+iWant Widgets.esl

+Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl

+Vibrant weapons.esl



1 hour ago, alaunus01 said:

AFAIK Skyrim VR does not support ESLs. Better brush up your oldrim merge mod skills.


I will take a look into that, I've never actually converted any Oldrim mods to SSE I mostly left that to other people and wanted to avoid converting out of fear of missing something or literally just fucking things up lmao. But thanks for pointing it out, I'll start to take a look into it or just remove these mods from the VR Mod List. :)

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