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Dezirae High Poly Follower CBBE3BA and Standard Body

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Dezirae High Poly Follower CBBE3BA and Standard Body

Dezirae Is a young Redgaurd that uses High Poly Head. KS Hairdo's, and The Eyes of Beauty. I used Demoniac 2K glossy body textures and CBBE 3BBB when creating her but should work with any body and texture. Looks may vary depending on ENB and lighting as I am not using either I can't really say. 

Dezirae is available in two versions standard and high poly head, make sure you choose the correct version when downloading or you will have issues with her face being messed up.

Added CBBE 3BBB body to the Hi Poly in V2.2 PLEASE let me know if there are any issues.


Dezirae is a young Redgaurd assassin that is well skilled in 2 handed combat. She can dual weild weapons or destruction spells, she is known to use both at the same time. She comes with two Ebony Daggers and DB Armor.

 She was made around and tested with Nethers Follower Framework which I highly recommend, although should work fine with AFT. I do not use any other follower framework so she may or may not work properly.


LOCATION She is behind the stables in Whiterun on the hillside.


She is level 50 and romanecable if you wish to marry her. 
Race:; Redgard
Weight: 50
Height: 96
Hair:OWings from KS Hairdo's

The armor used in screenshots is Bladedancer from the Tera Armors collection.


If you like Dezirae please  comment in the posts, as this helps in uploading more. And PLEASE no rude or condesending comments a lot of work goes into creating her.


Regenbot03 For Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K
Kalilies and Stealthic For KS Hairdos
Acro For CBBE 3BBB
docteure for The Eyes Of Beauty SSEKouLeifoh for Hi Poly Head
Netherworks for Nethers Follower Framework



NO PERMISSIONS GIVEN Do not even bother to ask

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    KS Hairdo's The Eyes Of Beauty SS CBBE 3BBB High Poly Head
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CK messed with the hair color when I exported the head on the final, and I didn't know enough about using Nifscope to correct it at the time she was first uploaded on another site a few months ago, and nobody bothered to mention it. I may do an update on her when I have the time.  Also lighting has a lot to do with her complexion.

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10 hours ago, delgathar said:

She is level 50 or she is Max level 50?  If she starts level 50, that's a little OP.  But I like the model.

She is set at level 50 and will not gain any levels. It may be a little OP to start but this helps prevent the follower from being stupid like Lydia. Even when the PC is higher level she still performs very well.

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