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Nexus takes away the mod authors authority over the files he/she/it uploads. They can no longer delete files them self and have to ASK to let Nexus delete their OWN files. The reason is that Nexus wants to release payed Mod Packs. If one Mod author would delete the work, the Mod pack might no longer be functional. As Nexus doesn't want to put any work them self into it(fixing the hole in the Mod Pack with something own), they can't have that. Also no option to op out of this mechanic, as many mod authors would prohibit Nexus from including their works in the mod packs.


Nexus removed the deletion feature in a sneaky way and let it look like a "bug" for the first few days as they knew many authors(not all) would not like the conditions Nexus dictates. Feels like some shady car salesman.

Now they run damage control in the forums.

Not sure if this is even legal.


Imagine you build a bike and you shared it with your friend. It is yours, you can sell it, scrap it, take it with you if you move somewhere else. Now suddenly your friend prevents you from doing this, taking away your rights, effectively stealing your bike.


There are various reasons why a mod author might remove his works.

Just two of them.

Imagine releasing a nice anime tit mod while you are young and then after studying want to work at some high position. In this case you want to clean your past.


What today is ok, might no be tomorrow.

In 2016 I could write the inclusive "All lives matter" and no one had a problem with it. Regardless of what you think of the phrase(I think it is still fine, Warframe bans me from chat), lets say the mod author changed his mind and does no longer agree of his values from 2016. 



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Well, I'm glad they don't at least read minds and punish me for imagining boobs yet. I am very glad that I was not born in the past, where they burned at the stake for boobs, and not in the future, where they will burn for thinking about boobs, but right now, where you can still think safely. )

Considering the total digitalization of society, I would not count on the fact that every person no longer has a trace carefully collected by various companies and departments. This trace will definitely be found in any social growth of a citizen and made an element of his control. This is normal.

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10 hours ago, Kaiiela said:

Hi, would anyone happen to have the latest versions of the following mod ?

Fusion Girl 3BBB ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37268 )



- Also, if anyone remembers, what was the file size of the IKAROS androids mod ? ( https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/48237 )

Anyway Fusion Girl is here in LL now, so you don't need to look for someone else version: 


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18 hours ago, ZI0MATRIX said:


Oh I know and in my personal opinion, I think it's complete and utter crap...


9 hours ago, kharneth1 said:

Anyway Fusion Girl is here in LL now, so you don't need to look for someone else version: 


Hi and thank you, though I know Fusion girl is here.

TheBottomhoodofSteel recommends >  MTM's OCBP Physics Preset: Recommended Physics Preset.

which in turn requires > Fusion Girl - 3BBB    ( If you use Fusion Girl )

hence why I was asking about the FG 3BBB

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20 minutes ago, kharneth1 said:

Fusion girl have 3bbb by default they are the same mod, the one here is what you are looking for

Alright then thank you again.

I was trying out all the different body type/physics mods recently done to see which felt better.

Have a great day !

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