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[mod] Empires for LV


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Empires for LV

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Empires for LV

  • Defines a set of empires that can spawn into each game. Currently there are 10 empires defined. The first three being from SexDwarf2250's Original ![LL] Empires for LV. This is that same file, but updated to work for Stellaris 3.0.3.
  • The empires which will spawn in every game are:
    • Bovarian Combine, an all female race of peaceful cow-folk who are very excited to be milked.
    • Karnalian Servitors, a pair of species, one being warlike, all-male and very dominant, and another being all-female and submissive.
    • Mextraxian Sense-Merchants, a corporation led solely by women, and who are ready to share their wares, for the right price.
    • Seed of Beshatrite, a race of male only insects who's hunger to find any female to lay eggs in may lead them to spread across the galaxy.
    • Kobellian Caretakers, a race of female sex bots, who were created to pamper and attend to any organic lifeforms need.
  • The other empires which can spawn are:
    • Protected Poimash People, a race of soft, adorable snails who were guided by The Great Ones. They now set out their mission of searching the stars for new life, new civilizations, new friends. (They are a Scion race of a fallen empire.)
    • Holy Riisa'qul Council, once a great empire which almost spanned the galaxy- until almost completely destroyed. They seek to restore their former glory.
    • Harmonious Rule of Claest, where the women rule over their sex slave men, and seek only to perfect their empire, their internal affairs, without the meddling of those other xenos.
    • Continual Order of Pesurbii, an all-male race with the unique trait which ensures their kin is Pesurbiin. With this trait they hope to spread their genetic influence across the stars.
    • Motaza Organism, a female hive mind who have already successfully integrated the other male species on their planet. Now they wish to connect with others, and let their spores spread.


Although this is just a fixed modern version of an existing mod I hope to expand upon it later to make it stand out a little bit more.

Goals for the future:

  • Add more races than just the original three, specifically utilizing more things like machine, or hive mind empires.
  • Add empires specifically for mods like Wild Lascivity, and Family Oriented.




      Empires for LV 0.6.0:

  1.   Unzip into your stellaris/mod/ folder
  2.   Stage so the mod loads after Lustful Void



Lastly, I would like to thank SexDwarf2250 for laying the groundwork, and writing the original code which I have so shamelessly taken, and tinkered with to make it work.






Empires for LV 0.5.0.zip

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    Lustful Void


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12 hours ago, A-LifeForm said:

can you make a version that uses vanilla framework portraits?

I will take a glance at making a version for the vanilla framework mod. (Presumably different empires, or adaptations that work better with the different portraits and such.) But first, honestly, I'll need to tinker around with that mod. Also, if I do work on making a version of this for the vanilla framework mod, it would be for some time (indeterminate time, sorry) after I have worked on what currently seem more pressing to me. (Namely, adding more species for the LV base, like a hive mind, so on, as well as some WL & Family Oriented empires.)

TL;DR: Have other stuff I want to address first, and I need to play around with the mod sometime.

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I have no idea if anyone downloading this mod will even read this, or even be interested but I want to see if this idea I have would be enjoyed by anyone in the community. So we got all these empires, and I'll soon be adding a few more that aren't gonna always spawn in your game (so hopefully there is a little variety.)
BUT, I was considering trying to make it so that some of these empires have unique interactions-- maybe one empire that can spawn always hates the Bovarian Combine because their sluts or something, idk. Would anyone like that? Still looking into the possibility of doing this, but I may stop if I think folks just want wicked empires to diddle with.

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On 8/3/2021 at 1:28 PM, SamIAmHam said:

I would have you make two version of the same file where it's always on and just yes. I changed mine to be yes since I didn't want them to always spawn.

Okay, I'll (sometime) make another version of the file where all of the empires simply can spawn. Thank you very much for the feedback! :)

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