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Dovahzul wah Joorzul - An in-game Dragon to Mortal Dictionary

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Dovahzul wah Joorzul - An in-game Dragon to Mortal Dictionary

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Adds a book to the game that contains the entire dragon alphabet as well as all known common translations.




Add it to your game via console.


player.additem xx000d62 1 ;Dovahzul wah Joorzul


Replace xx with the mod's load order. Text after ; not required, that's just a label if you want to make a bat file.



Start at 10 minutes 36 seconds: video 


Thuum.org - dragon alphabet font and translations
Dovah Zul Wiki - further translations


•Version 1.1
Minor corrections. A "/" after "Mine" was removed and an extra "Mine - Dii" was removed.

•Version 1.0
Initial release.

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  • Special Edition Compatible


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