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Getting rid of the belly physics entirely


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I feel the addition of belly physics into most of the more "complete" body types that support HDT was the most irritating, pointless and kind of gross addition to the whole HDT body scene since it began


Unfortunately dealing with body meshes and their variations while in mod organizer while using BHUNP types in bodyslide already feels at times like it requires and advanced degree of some sort.


I get it all figured out, but even at best I'm still going to get a body in the game with that stupid stomach bounce (even worse, many armors get it as well)


Anyone know of a good way to keep all the good parts bouncing/working properly (Boobs, butt, vagina still colliding and opening) but just remove that one irritation of the stomach HDT completely from the game in a permanent fashion?

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Just gonna chime in her incase you havent fixed this Or someone else comes across this thread, I managed to disable belly physics by opening CBPConfig, scrolling down to these values:


Belly.stiffness 0.01
Belly.stiffness2 0.02
Belly.damping 0.05
Belly.maxoffset 2.66
Belly.timetick 14
Belly.linearX 1.25
Belly.linearY 0.097
Belly.linearZ 0.08
Belly.rotational 0.3
Belly.timeStep 0.80 


and changing them all to 0.


This worked on unp blessed bodies and for the argonium and kajchit texture packs as well. If you have a similar issue with a different body type then a good place to look is for anything in your physics configs that has  "belly" in it.

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