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FO4B - Red Rocket Starter - V1.2

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This will be reworked.

Please don't use the basic version atm!



This is a small start-me-up for a settlement at Red Rocket. It is walled, got build up defenses and an additional small house for the player.


There are two versions available:

1. Basic version. I left most parts undecorated so you can decide what you want to place there.

2. Advanced version. This will have more decorations and more buildings (like a Brahmin pen and a guardhouse next to the secondary entrance). Make sure to check post #2.




Just select the blueprint via the management options of Workshop Framework.



Sim Settlements (2)

There are enough spots that have enough room to place lots from 'Sim Settlements (2)'. The platform over the storage can even get extended (to 6x3) by adding a row of smaller floortiles on both sides. 



Required mods


MW Sentry Turret

Auto Doors

Wasteland Walls


Woody's Wasteland Stuff

Dead Wasteland

Dead Wasteland - DLC 1

Dead Wasteland - DLC 2

Dead Wasteland - DLC 3

Dead Wasteland - Patch for Auto Doors

Dead Wasteland - Patch for AWKCR and VIS

Settlement Defence Systems (Thread) (Video)                    The newer tanks don't really fit (ignore them) but the visuals of the gun turrets are very good.

Ginger Girl Paintings

Better Armory Mod (BAM) - Weapon Racks and More

Pretty Cool Shack Textures                                                 Gives some parts of 'Woody's Wasteland Stuff' better textures.


Additional recommended mods


Preview (Basic)


From Concordenb2021_6_29_11_53_41.jpg.516f609490eeb0bd2f70f9742725afca.jpg


Main and side entranceenb2021_6_29_11_53_04.jpg.1f13887f0e762511691be518beeb0e71.jpgenb2021_6_29_11_53_24.jpg.bcdcbcad30ec847831f8094ad66af517.jpg


Raised platform for plantingenb2021_6_29_11_52_41.jpg.36d519adc0a358bd152738b79574fd9c.jpg


Enough room for tradersenb2021_6_29_11_52_21.jpg.09f56c2133ca8121050306f410e31a75.jpgenb2021_6_29_11_51_41.jpg.744209d5196bf2f2f174c75e64b06d26.jpg


Storage below - room for housing aboveenb2021_6_29_11_52_08.jpg.f4ea54692ca53c8eca8ebd1faa1a0c4b.jpg


Nasty surprise for raidersenb2021_6_29_11_51_55.jpg.c6e8f574093218c75d2c1f32617611f1.jpg


Simple but mineenb2021_6_29_11_12_40.jpg.b94ef761c52713066c35b19655707e7d.jpg




I give you two versions of this blueprint  so you can choose what will suit you best.


Basic Version

If you use an alternative start mod:

Starting at Lvl. 10 covers the experience you would get building this settlement. 

Red Rocket.7z


Advanced Version

If you use an alternative start mod:

Starting at Lvl. 15 covers the experience you would get building this settlement.

Advanced Red Rocket Starter.7z

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Advanced Version

This will require more mods but offers more than the basic version. I left the 'Red Rocket' itself mostly untouched so you can decide for yourself what you want to build inside. A diner or trading spots/stalls come to mind, but there are quite a few other possible uses as well.


Fully built are

Brahmin Pen


Dining area (Outside)



Plantation area

Player home





Required and optional mods



Preview (Exterior)


From Concordenb2021_7_10_02_18_15.jpg.2b15cd489947659ca83d3072870c2f1e.jpg


Main gateenb2021_7_10_02_18_54.jpg.b0724fe0c49bcb869a46c3dffb4fe4df.jpg


Secondary Gateenb2021_7_10_02_18_37.jpg.324d0f62b3d92c8298147aa47774f3c5.jpg


Brahmin pen and guardhouseenb2021_7_10_02_19_31.jpg.db8d40551bc5f045744222e606d04c58.jpg


Raised platform for plantingenb2021_7_10_02_19_50.jpg.171e1d9eadf922684a83acfbd741bd0d.jpg




Nasty surprise for raidersenb2021_7_10_02_15_58.jpg.2058bde02bbe69f64982754bd2c519aa.jpg


Public bathroom and diningenb2021_7_10_02_15_26.jpg.37ff0c74b7196c72db3c0ac8534d8817.jpg






Platform for additional buildings (6x2)enb2021_7_10_02_20_32.jpg.7d0deb263ed9d51414327b8ea1632f92.jpg


View from the main gateenb2021_7_10_02_19_19.jpg.fbc21f8001c766ebcb72ddd5643c114f.jpg


View from the balconyenb2021_7_10_02_17_18.jpg.cbbfc2cd5bc78d817c5ab4f819eaa0df.jpg


View from the platformenb2021_7_10_02_15_03.jpg.59d5ddd4c61493d7aff5448ec30369df.jpg


Preview (Interior)


Coming homeenb2021_7_10_02_16_40.jpg.3d33b1590eaed5abce9132e2f1e573a7.jpg




Staircase to the upper floorenb2021_7_1_21_26_51.jpg.4effba1b65e351d4effa1cd38f229cd2.jpg

Don't mind Mr. Muggle. He's been living in the small room under the staircase for some time now. And as long as he stays away from the cables of my fridge i don't mind (and i might accidently drop a carrot or two).




Working areaenb2021_7_10_02_17_07.jpg.ba7522156ac0b293d476135bd42ff71f.jpg



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Optional textures


Immersive Cigarette Vending Machine



Red Rocket got a new interior wall paint



Regarding Robots


Settlement Police Bot

Those are only a first line of defense and can be overwhelmed. But they can be effective in combination with other defenses.



Settlement Repair Bot

Not having to check every corner of your settlement after an attack/radstorm is very helpful. The bot takes care of that.



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  • Aylis changed the title to FO4B - Red Rocket Starter - Advanced RC1
  • Aylis changed the title to FO4B - Red Rocket Starter - V1.1

Repost (Site bugged out)


Uploaded the advanced version of the 'Red Rocket Starter'.


In case you don't have 'CWSS' installed (which got removed from Nexus) you'll have to place a few showers and toilets yourself. The used mods offer a few options to do so, and you'll only loose a few decorations, animations and effects doing that. But those arn't essential so you propably won't even notice the difference. 


Added an alternative link for CWSS



Updated the pics for the exterior of the advanced version.




We contacted Luxor. Hopefully it is possible to get the texture for the interior back.


And we got lucky, we got permission to reupload the textures of 'Red Rocket got a new interior wall paint'. Luxor is definitely one of the very nice OA. :)





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  • 1 month later...

Hi there.  Was looking at your blueprint and it looks pretty good.


Two of the mods,   MW Sentry Turret and Ground are no longer available on Nexus.


Here is the link for MW Sentry Turret - https://files.icestormng-mods.de/d/787267a3e362412c8751/


As far as Ground is concerned, I heard that it might be rehosted on new site modsanctum when it is up and running.


Just thought you should know.  I'm looking forward to using this mod.

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Added the official link to CWSS (keeping the alternative to make sure it stays available).


'Gun for Hire' is supposed to be available again when the new website for it is finished.

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Reworked the advanced version.


The mod 'Ground', which got removed from Nexus, got replaced with 'A Little More Grounded'.

I also removed the mods for 'Guns for Hire'. Not sure when this will be available again and i found a similar mod that uses less scripts.



Updated the link for Nuka Cola Refrigerated Display Case

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  • Aylis changed the title to FO4B - Red Rocket Starter - V1.2
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

@Aylis Love the look of this, I would like to get it but I'm running AAF Dirty Sex in my mod list and CWSS is stated as not being compatible with it, is there a way I could use B.Y.O.P mod instead of CWSS? Or would I just have to drop AAF Dirty Sex(easiest solution). I just started a play through using you modlist as a guide and I am really liking it so far

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