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Foggy weather causes ENB to ctd

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I’m having problems w/ fog. Foggy weather will roll in and if my fps gets much higher than 55 I’ll start getting flashing balls of color and a bit later I’ll ctd or the game’ll just close. I know those balls of light can be indicative of gpu issues but I’ve stress tested and it’s fine. Cpu too. I’m using 435 enb, 1080ti gpu (no oc) 32gb 3200 ram. I’ve used the last 3 versions of enb w/ no issues. 


Almost sure it’s an enbseries setting as I was having similar issues in heavy rain and found that I had a large SSAO setting and high quality on the rain. Lowered those and issues went away for rain. Removing DOF helped too, so I still have that off.

I think my fog issues are mostly to do w/ this…it seems I’m getting 2 versions of fog overlapping one another. In testing, when fog would roll in, I’d open n close the map. As usual this would make fog disappear. But if I then turn off enb, it become apparent that there’s another all encompassing fog still all around me. This fog is only visible w/ enb off. I’m assuming one of these 2 fogs are vanilla, or added by a weather mod maybe.  I’ve tried tons of enbseries settings to get that fog to go away, w/ no luck. Maybe that fog is dictated by a skyrim ini.
I’m almost certain that if I could get one or the other of these overlappin fogs to go away, I’d be ok. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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