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Rick and Morty free marathon

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 I dont have acces to Adult Swim i don't even know if its paid or not...


but... ehh... Russia?... or Poland...


You can find everywhere on Russian and Poland servers... im just watching Season 5 on Russian and Poland Servers

 well... if You know where to look You can find everything for free...


tbh. Rick and Morty is not even hard to find... 

I don't know what is last episode of Rick and Morty but last i was watching was S5E4 with Morty Cum monsters xDD


So here is S5E5: ( there is no English version becuase as i said Russian and Poland Servers... but -> https://www.cda.pl/video/79759822b )

On CDA u can find a lot of movies and Shows but in Polish language 100% free, but they sometimes get deleted

 I know both languages Polish and Russian ( but only a ltitle ) and it was rly worth xDDD...


Now i just need to learn Japanese to watch Anime without reading ;x... ( i already know few words xDD learned from watching xDDD 0






Btw. if u really interested in watching some movies / shows for free...

 you can join Movie Discords?...


Heres how it works:

 - You join Discord that share Videos You want to watch via ScreenShare

 - You watch them on ScreenShare with other idiots xDD ( i call them idiots because some ppl just SCREAM and ruin it for everyone... but it depends on Server )


i personaly know one person that is using his ACCs and Discord Server to stream videos on Discord for free :x...


But for that u need to have friends xDDD # LOL :D

Because most of those Servers are closed and private ;x... so i can't inv u to any i know...



I don't pirate Games...

but i do pirate Videos and Music xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD






there is no English version becuase as i said Russian and Poland Servers... but -


But wait... xDD u can simply ignore Text :D because its in English Voice version with Polish Text xDD

i didn't checked it... i simply searched Season 5 Episode 5 because 4 was last i was watching


and then i started to think "Hmm why not to watch Ep5 now" and i realised its English Voice Version xDDD


So u can watch it if u want too :D XDDD

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