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Help with Missing Wrist + Calves, Trying to change an armours Slot to 32 Body.

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So,  I am trying to change an armors slot from its current slot to 32 body to stop a conflict. I change the slot in partitions in outfit studio and CK and this fixed the conflict but now. I have the calves and wrists missing from my body. 


From my searching I have worked out this is a biped slot issue but I was wondering how exaclty to fix this issue. Any help would be welcome.





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10 minutes ago, wutpickel said:

I am not an expert by no means.

But i think it reminds me that you probably did not run the DD parts through Bodyslider with your body. Meaning they do not fit the body.



Not sure what you mean. I have re run bodyslide after the changes to the bodyslot in outfit studio under partitions, not sure what else to change. What do you mean by "DD Parts" ? 

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What i meant is that you have to run also the outfits with your body.

Like i said, i am not an expert but thats how i do it all the time.
Bodyslide for my player and then with that the outfits so they fit to the body.


I never do the outfit studio to be honest. So take it with a grain of salt what i am writing as i have no clue about the outfit studio.

The selection for the outfits is on top next to the outfit studio button. After selecting, you just run the batch builder. Not forgetting to check morph but i am sure you did that anyway.



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Ok so I solved my problem another  way. The item I was trying to change to a body 32 slot I left alone since it worked. The other item was a collar that was using slot 45 I believe. I changed that to use the amulet slot instead and its all fine now.


I would how ever love to know why this would not work. Always nice to learn something. 


Either way thanks for the help.

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