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  1. Well seems to work fine, here is the file for anyone to use if they want. Hope it helps [TRX]_COW_Girl_3BBB_Bodyslide.zip
  2. I get the message they have attached, but not sure what you mean by Notifications key ? I have not altered MME at all in key binds so ill check it out there, cheers. edit : checked the mod cant see any reference to key binds so no idea what key to press to start it. edit 2 : found it and works fine thx dude.
  3. Hi, is this suppose to milk you when you are wearing it or is that not functional yet ? Just wondering since I have converted it for use with 3BBB and it dose not milk my character, wondering if I broke it during conversion or if it simple dose not have that feature yet. Thx for the reply in advance. Edit: Ok either way I added it as milking equipment under the armour tab in MME and using the spells for milking it works and gives me the milk. Not sure if this is the way it is suppose to work but it works.
  4. So was this a bug or a feature, if it was a feature where if at all can I disable it. Since I love the mod and really want to use it but with this I cannot.
  5. Notice there is a script the same in this as Skooma Whore, are they the same or is this a conflict ?
  6. Had a bug where I could not equip any weapons. Not swords or bows. Only stopped when I removed Survival SE ...
  7. I know I needed it also, added the bracket message cos I converted it myself to test the mod. Just the meshes and textures to get it to run. Will edit my post to make it clear.
  8. Can we get the key for the Toolset ? (converted the meshes and textures myself, tho not the bodyslides just so I could test it) . Is the chest part you converted some kind of chastity or harness becauase the sex scene seems to default to BJ when its on and only BJ.
  9. Would be great to get some kind of intergration with SexLab rather than the two spells. Great mod
  10. Any chance of getting working CBBE bodyslide files ?
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