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Racemenu breast scaling not working

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Hello there. So the beginning of my story started when I tried TESVSE and my first body mod I used was CBBE enhancer. Everything was working fine and there was nothing to complain about. But the problem started when I switched to TBD body. The sliders in "body scales" tab in racemenu were still working, except the main one, breasts. I could no longer change the size. Even the breast fullness was working, but not the main one. Then I decided to switch back to CBBE enhancer and the problem presists. I really can't remember what I did wrong or good, so if u guys have any clues, post them down there, please. I'll post my modlist below. Thanks <3



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A few observations.

You have CBBE 3BA below CBBE which means your using a 3BA body(3 breast bones), not a CBBE body(2 breast bones).

Order on the left side of MO2 matters.  Right side MO2 plugins I just use the sort button and let LOOT do that.

The order that works for me on left side of MO2 is...

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


--all other mods

Outfit Studio


ZaZ Animation Pack+ CBBE HDT V8.0 Serev3  - yours listed is old






The Pure

Demoniac Textures  - I put this after The Pure so it has priority

High Poly Head

Eye, hair and makup mods  - make sure they are the same resolution as your skin mods


mods you don't have but I use...

The defeat mod of your choice

Alternate Start

NetScriptFramework - so when things crash there is a hint at what caused it in its crash log

SkyUI - not sure if it needs to be low in the list but works for me


Looks like your missing important mods

SexLab - Zaz Animation Pack says it is required

FNIS Behavior SE  -  this is run inside MO2 to build those Zaz Animations and any other animation mods you have

SL Animation Loader - use its MCM to load those built animations into SexLab


Maybe reinstall RaceMenu if reordering the mods doesn't fix your problem.

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