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some Hcos animations or creature animations doesn't work

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I'm currently using more nasty critters combined with Hcos. To see the animations, i use matchmaker. Problem is, creature on creature animation would result in both creatures standing in one spot with no animations playing. Also, sometimes initiating a creature animation with another person would cause both actors to disappear. Any solutions?

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Assuming you are using Legendary Edition of Skyrim, is this the version of More Nasty Critters (MNC) that you are using? 


Do you have all of the per-requisite files installed and check the install order according to the documentation on the download page? 


Have you followed through all of the instructions in the install guide including registering the animations in Sexlab Animation Loader (SLAL)?


Keep in mind that if you are using LOOT, it does not automatically set the correct load order for the mods in question and I have had issues where something didn't work right with creatures only to find I hadn't manually moved something to where it should be.

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