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Hey guys!


I was wondering if it is possible somehow to play a specific music when a sexlab scene start based on the situation (like when you enter combat the game start playing combat music).


For example let's say my character get defeated by some bandits ---> bad situation ----> when the sexlab animation starts it trigger a certain type of background music that match the situation, you know to give a little more immersion because it bother me when my character get pounded by some draugr after being defeated and it seems perfectly normal.... EMOTIONAL FLAT.


I know there's the Skyradio mod wich could do the job but i can't select manually wich music i want to play ...


Or maybe it could be possible with this mod somehow https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13286 ?


Thanks for any advice!!

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11 minutes ago, Lestat1627 said:

I think it can be done. First of all you will need to generate the Music folder for SexLab, exactly with the same process that is used to modify the pre-existing music.  


Like I did here

Music Alternative : How To Replace


With TES5Edit You may need to add music to Sexlab's ESM . Without it, without this addition, I don't think it would work . 



mmmh.. it doesn't seem complicated, i'll follow your guide and see if i can do it, thank you very much for now!!

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Ok i've tried to add "music track" and "music type" to Sexlab.ESM, i've compiled the fields following the guide on how to add new music with tes5edit, created a new folder "Music" in data/Sound/FX/Sexlab where i've placed my audio track .xwm (corresponding to what i've inserted in tes5edit) but does not work, anyway i found an alternative that seems to work pretty well and i can choose the music i want:



I think i'll go with this so i can play my music whenever i want wherever i want hahah


Thanks anyways for your time, it will be awesome though if someone more skilled than me would actually pick up this progect and add some music for sexlab, maybe with Sexlab MCM menu options integration to choose which track play like for the voice type....



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2 hours ago, Lestat1627 said:

For Combat music:
In Skyrim Data \ Music, Generate a folder named Combat, generate the various audio files and rename them as in Screen.
If you want only one sound, just copy / paste the same file and rename it in succession



  Reveal hidden contents





Spellforce (.mp3) - Battle Music 1 (192kbit_AAC).m4a 1.57 MB · 0 downloads


Oh i see... i didn't think about replacing combat music, anyway i've tested tobi radio mod and i'm pretty satisfied XD



That's what i meant haha

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