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[Idea/Request/where?] Feed your children's or they die, or turn on you, or decide to become lawyers! :P

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There are excellent pregnancy mods
there are excellent lactation mods... 

but as has been my experience at least (i haven't tried every mod, yet)..

Player gets preggo...
player lactates some milk...
kids never need it..  wether these kids are human, or skeevers because you used untamed pregnancy, or the creature child actors addon..

SO, in horrible psuedo pesuedo script...

when person == preggo.
     add chest to person inventory..
   When preggo person gives birth
      count kids..
       flash notification - "congrats, you just hatched 12 spiderlings"  Now, every day, or every 3 days  - you must put:  3 milk   3 raw meat in this magical chest, or your spiderlings will die/become lawayers...../etc

qty of food == qty of kids  

no specialty or hard to obtain foods or nothing.

I suppose if all the food in the chest was "safe" until used that would build up an array or some scripting thing too big..  so maybe once you put food in, its gone.. (Basically, would be great if you could stockpile food, but might be problematic under the hood?)

4 years later, little jimbo and susan - the kiddos you didnt feed - are diet pill lawsuit lawyers... mary and alex died, and jones has been trying to kill you since you left whiterun last night.

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