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Skyrim SE for adult modding

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Hey everybody!


It has been years since i last played Skyrim and i remember the times ppl didn't use Skyrim SE because it just wasn't up to snuff for adult modding, but NMM was still a thing then.

Is this still the case? Or do i need to install SE because people actually made the switch?


Thanks in advance!

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You can switch. SE came a very long way and more and more people are switching. You can litterally get everything now on SE and better. From ENBs, all the adult modding you want. You wont look back. I have completely deleted oldrim and all the old mods. 

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You have to wait a little bit longer sometimes for a conversion (or there can be texture glitches), but most things are available and work fine on SE now. There are few mods available only for SE though, so there's little need if you don't want to.

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