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  1. I don't know if you accept any suggestions but while playing with your mod i came to think about some stuff that may make this more enjoyable. While my male Nord descided to enter the home of Ysolda in the night to rape her W/O anyone seeing she started to scream after help in the middle of the animation. And at some points when you have the upper hand and rape someone you end in a ragdoll animation and then you have to finish the enemy. That's why i tought there could be some modifications like. -Gagging or silence victims or even just make them fear for their life making them shut up th
  2. ^ Look like she jealous. Have you ever thought she probably like you? Punish her with Estrus Spell! Don't worry she gets her punnishing i'm playing 2 chars one female high elf hating the nords and killing them or raping (now that i think about it lydia can be usefull as she kills tham after i'm done ) the other a male Nord trying to not kill nords but just can't help but desiring their boddies and raping elves for vengance. So both have fun with Lydia all the time and most sertainly the elf punnishng her for being a Nord
  3. Thanks for the quick answer. Any idea how to turn around this for now? I tried to knock the vic down and then rape her and all it does is make lydia wait till i'm finished before killing.
  4. Hi it's me again i have no more big problems with the mod anymore. But i do have something that annoys me a little is that lydia keeps killing anyone i try to rape. I do remember you talking about a calm effect that should stop this but apparently it doesn't
  5. Wierd, the only effect added on NPCs with the mod is an calm effect if they hit the player or a follower who's being raped A part of the cleanup feature will indeed trigger on hit from a npc and show the notification, that's not really important though as the majority of the mod is cleaned right away (A hit from a npc will just "reset" the player as victim script), I will do something to clarify that. As for the debuff bug, I'll take a look. For the companions i haven't had any troubles since i've installed the brawl patch from nhl. Then again might have been from some other m
  6. Thanks a lot nhl i'll try it out and post the results. Well it worked for the companions thanks a lot!
  7. hi first of all i'd like to thank you for the great mod. It's one hell of a mod. Also i've had some troubles that might have come from using this mod. First when brawling with someone the ennemy becomes agressive and gets his weapons out wich starts a fight between the ennemy, me and my compannion. It does make the rest of the spectators passive and lets you butcher a person but it's troubling the continution of my adventure. As for the companions (the guild), I don't know if this has been reported yet but apparently the mod acts like a magic status on ennemies wich may explain the p
  8. i've ried from different mods and it covers most armors but some aren't that good looking. Some of those have just some metal covering the nipples but lacks erotism, it is skimpy but not erotic. And from this day on i will declare war to panties! Why can't we have a pantyless skimpy world
  9. @ creeper thanks but that's not it at all. What i'm trying to do is to have all the vanilla armors in the game to be skimpy and UNPB. if possible to have no underwear and be good looking not just a little bar barely hiding then ipples like the plate armor from http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/16050/?
  10. I have just seen that link of yours "sexy vanilla armors" i didn't know about this one and it looks superb i just can't find any UNPB one using it so i'll install it and see for myself. might not be exactly what i'm looking for but it helps. edit: nah it doesn't look that great and mak's already covers those. I don't even need to install and see if it goes well for UNPB. i could use remodeled for CBBE + you call that skimpy(for clothes) + mak's UNPB remodels. anyone has a better set up or mods?
  11. I've already stumbled uppon this topic but it's not what i'm looking for. I'm quite sure there is nothing for what i'm looking for and it's just a last desesperate move to get the ultimate skimpy/hotny/beautiffull UNPB vanilla replacer. for now goodnight i hope to maybe find more tommorrow. BTW for now i'm using a mixt of 3 mods one for CBBE (covering those i can't find in UNPB), one that makes clothes skimpy but in UNP and a UNPB with underboobs and such.
  12. thanks for the advise but as much as i am used to use mods.... i suck at modding or altering anything. My knowledge goes only as far as wich mod i have to overwrite with what mod. I did read about such things as blender or nifskope but i haven't used id and don't have any confidence in my modding skills
  13. Hi everybody, i've been a lurker most of the time on loverslab and i was wondering if anyone could help me. I've used almost every skimpy mod for UNP i found and i have a big problem. I can't find a skimpy enough for UNPB and that cpvers all or at least most armors. i know you guys are used to such topic and will sertainly find mel ots of mods but most either work for UNP but nott for UNPB like "you call thaat skimpy mod" or aren't skimpy enough like the UNPB conversion topic. So if anyone could suggest me a mod or mods to use together that would give me skimpy UNPB armors that show just
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