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FO4B - Sanctuary Startup

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FO4B - Sanctuary Startup

This is a little helpermod to give you a starting point for 'Sim Settlements 2' in Sanctuary. The links to all used mods can be found im my beginners guide.


What do you get:

1. A platform (4x3) on the roof of the house with the workshop.

2. A concrete platform (6x5) in place of the destroyed house to the right of it.

3. A small house with:

    A. Private bathroom

    B. Private work/living room

    C. Your own working area in a small barn.

4. A basic setup for power which should cover the first needs.

5. Three defensive turrets that cover the most likely routes to the workshop.

6. An otherwise almost untouched Sanctuary so you can gather the ressources available and build the settlement any way you like.




Pics will be updated later (some minor things have changed).






Sanctuary Startup.7z

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