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I hope I'm in an appropriate place to ask this.


I know how to edit NPC's face and that works fine.


However, I want to give that NPC custom skin, independent of what I'm using as a skin texture for my PC and NPCs (in my case, it's male skin texture because the NPC in question is male).

This is an existing NPC, not a custom one. It's a visual overhaul, if you will.

I'm not looking to alter body meshes, only the skin texture.


If it is possible, I would also like to assign an overlay to that body skin texture (body tattoo).

And since I want to make that NPC SOS-compatible, I would also like to know how to give his schlong a custom texture as well.


I wasn't able to find a clear guide anywhere on how to do this in CK, so I'm asking here for appropriate steps & details. Please help me out :star:

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