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WW Breastfeeding Animations?

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I'm in desperate search of any and all WW animations of breastfeeding, lactation, tit sucking, nipple play, and other milking or tit-based stuff! I don't use Devious Desires for personal reasons, but I really enjoy the breastfeeding animations its uses. Can anyone link anything similar, or if those animations are WW compatible?


I know these sort of animations are difficult to make given the varition in breast sizes among sims, but there has to be some out there! Any help is super appreciated :)



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I know Anarcis has one breast sucking animation. There are a variety of "boob fondling" animation scattered around can't list them all, unfortunately.


For milking things...

-Hyperdriver has a milking machine + a milking animation to go along with it, I believe.

-MissMe has quite a few milking-centered animations and props. There is also one breast sucking animation that also serves as a handjob I think.

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