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[Idea] 'Asylum' jail alternative

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I know that Rubber Facility is going to have this *eventually* but I really feel like there is a lack of any kind of mental hospital/asylum/reform school mods. There are straitjackets in DD but no mods that really get into their use. There is a ton of potential for padded walls, isolation cells, gaslighting nurses, and strict rules.


I guess the idea was basically a mod where the character, after getting arrested, awakens in a padded cell wearing a tight straitjacket. Food is slid under the door every few hours but no one interacts directly. Maybe even having hypnosis/conditioning elements including whispers of being a loyal, docile citizen. The amount of time spent in the room is based on the level of the bounty, possibly modified in an MCM.


I remember there being someone working on a mod about the player being sent to a cult-like reform school in Dawnstar but I cannot find it now. They had another jail alternate mod for Riften (I think???)

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