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  1. I really love the headquarters and having a guard who flat-out denies you entry into more of the area unless you've given up some of your freedom and become part of the company is good stuff. I'd love to see a scene where repeated attempts to get past them results in getting forced into 'employment' similar to joining through SS++.
  2. I've had this problem in SE and LE and I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing wrong. Do they have to be manually enabled? I tried following along with one of the guides on LL and I don't know what I've done wrong. Is there an obvious reason why this would happen?
  3. I really love this mod and would love to see it either continued or put up for adoption. I desperately want to see what the Dawnstar Reformatory is like
  4. This was the mod that I was thinking about earlier. I was almost afraid I had made it up one sleepless night.
  5. I know that Rubber Facility is going to have this *eventually* but I really feel like there is a lack of any kind of mental hospital/asylum/reform school mods. There are straitjackets in DD but no mods that really get into their use. There is a ton of potential for padded walls, isolation cells, gaslighting nurses, and strict rules. I guess the idea was basically a mod where the character, after getting arrested, awakens in a padded cell wearing a tight straitjacket. Food is slid under the door every few hours but no one interacts directly. Maybe even having hypnosis/conditioning e
  6. Howdy! LE player here. I am not seeing the tattoos pop up on the UNP body. I've tried both a custom color and the default. I have Slavetats installed as well but don't seem to have an MCM. Is that normal? Either way, would love to hear back.
  7. I disabled Defeat and made sure killmoves were off and it still does the infinite bleedout. Can you remind me where I can find my debug logs? I have it enabled but I think I'm a bit too brain-fogged to know where they are.
  8. Howdy! I really like the concept of the mod, but I think I'm hitting some kind of glitch. When I encountered my first Striker outside Bleak Falls Burrow, the enemy struck me and put me in an endless bleedout state. I got the notifications that I was about to be wrapped up and that I had lost two keys but I just kept crawling around on the ground. I had three items already equipped (a chastity belt, a corset, and a collar) while the enemy appeared to have a bodysuit and a head harness. I have Defeat installed so I do have a death alternative mod as well as VioLens which I used to give myself im
  9. I just wanted to say that I love the mod! I think the daydreaming feature is one of my favorite little touches. I've never seen anything like that in the game before. I'd love to see it expanded in some form or another, if at all possible
  10. I don't know if anyone's asked about this yet, but can we get a version with a toggle for only ring/panel gags for RND players?
  11. Ended up restarting and being a bit more careful with my install (load into Live Another Life, install SexLab, save, exit to desktop, load in) and it worked perfectly fine. Might just be user error
  12. I'm having some issues with the MCM. It pops up in SkyUI and it shows the splash screen but all the options are empty and clicking one locks up the others. I'm sure this is a common thing I'm missing the post on how to fix.
  13. https://skyrimscandal.blogspot.com/2018/09/high-inquisitor-whitemane-uunp-diana-4k.html?m=1&zx=53d4b73baa068ce5 the first link (the base that the other two patch) has died. Does anyone have a mirror or a version from another artist?
  14. My partner has been having some issues with Sexlab SE recently. The keys to modify positions aren't working and characters are often being spawned in the same X/Y/Z then going into sex acts. We tried doing a clean-up but got a CTD while doing it. Bricked the save while trying to reload to it as well. I mostly play one LE so I don't know how to help; does anyone have any Hot Tips?
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