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animation - no pause bug

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I have done my best to navigate this on my own. Unfortunately, I have not been able to resolve an elusive issue I have had since I downloaded my first adult mod from this site. I am eluded by the  pause animation timer by hot key feature. Does anyone want to explain how come I am having a problem with this?


- Started with sexout-lite, I used SmallerTalk to have animations begin.

- Troubleshooted - Because I followed the guides I was able to get a clean slate.

- Reviewing the content I concluded that something was wrong with the skeletons.

- Continued to apply solutions found across the website - which they sent me somewhat towards Sexout-Sex.

  - Sexout-Sex with SmallerTalk and SCR, the core, data, bodies, and store did not seem to make difference.

- "Could not reference AnimStartManager error 0030eeb....[or something]" would display alot.

  - Troubleshooted - Downloaded same stuff, started new games no progress.

- I got help from one forum. That my problem was that I failed to install male and female, textures, meshes, and esp's.

- Made mods that functioned for those missing files.  

- Alternate files installed - SmallerTalk/Sexout for Press X mod.

- Lastly, The Mod Configuration Menu is fully operational. The only aspect for this series that is missing is the Push 0 hot key to pause animations timer. 


So at this point I have a completely functional program directory with mods that are fully integrated. It displays no error messages. What do you think causes the lack of hotkey support?

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