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Sexout failing when pausing timer

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Everything works fine, animations work, bodies work. Sex works fine if I let the timer (in the mcm) run out.


But if I touch the stop timer key, the m (in mf) stands up while the f continues animating. Worse, the scene continues like that with no way to stop it!


This is a minimal ttw install to try to get it working, no other mods at all!


Any thoughts?

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Guest Shadd Ashborn

I get different issue with timer stop - it just doesnt work at all. I get a message that timer stopped but soon after act ends normally like I didn't press anything.


I assume this issue is related to new xNVSE releases.

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Seen a few other people report similar issues. I assume it is the latest NVSE Extender, which has caused a few issues with Sexout since the last couple of updates. Problem is, nobody is updating Sexout anymore, so things are liable to break. I'm still using older versions of NVSE Extender, so I'd recommend maybe rolling back and seeing if you notice an improvement. 

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5 hours ago, Jessieyo44 said:

What version of the script extender are you currently using to get the timer to work? (and if possible could you provide a link?) 


This is what I'm using:



You can get all the releases on the NVSE github page:




You may also want to read this thread, which explains some of the issues with the new NVSE versions, and possible solutions.



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