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Hello! Recently, I began to notice that some sofas turn when having sex. I first met this on the Batuu (3:30 in the video). With the new two-story beds, too, such a problem. But there was a case when the sofa turned without it!


About compatibility. Removed all mods except Wicked Whims and one animation pack. The problem was not solved.


The Sims 4 version is the latest at the moment, as is the WW version.



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I've experienced this myself and started a thread quite some time ago when beds were being shifted during sex.

It hasn't happened to beds for awhile but now more recently, it seems to be affecting loveseats and sofas as I'm experiencing that bug again with those items.


Could be something in the game coding that Wicked Whims is agitating during sex and making furniture shift.

My previous thread was never acknowledged so I can't tell you if this is something that has even been looked into but this definitely isn't a new issue. It just affects different furniture than the last time.


It pretty much started when the animation repositioning function was added to the mod.

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