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Baby Yaga Character preset

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I have made multiple presets before including a tribute to Lemmy of Motorhead, But this is one I am actually kind of proud of. If you look at my other posted ones, they're not bad, but...

There is both a petite and bustier versions in the bodyslide files.

The one warning I can give is that as of yet, it seems vortex as an MO is required in order to blend some mods together to get the desired look. If however I am wrong and someone is able to get the same result w NMM or MO2 please share that here so I can update this part.

As to how, the scteenshots that are not of a beautiful red head are from vortex w a text of what mod I accessed through mod conflict and reset.

LINK: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/51741?tab=images&BH=1

Booby Yaga.jpg

clean preset image 2 Close up.jpg

Booby Yaga 2.jpg





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