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XDI is detected in the MCM but conversations still have the wheel options?

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So i seem to be having some trouble with the XDI, as the title says the mod registers in the MCM and i can customise it however the conversations still have the wheel options from vanilla? It's probably something stupid i've overlooked but i couldn't find any relevant help online so if anyone has any ideas i'd be very grateful!

If not are there any other alternatives to XDI that support custom conversation options from AAF mods?


loadorder.txt modlist.txt

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I had this problem and if I remember correctly it was either boston devious helper or boston breeder that was causing it. You might try running without one or the other of them to see, but it's definately a mod conflict causing you to get the wheel instead of the line selection.



and un-related you don't need both of the mgc patches for granny, only use one either the english or the russian.

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I've released a mod that required XDI and a common issue I often found reported was related to other mods overriding the interface/dialogue.swf file. iirc its the only vanilla asset that XDI touches but its version is packed away in an archive. Other mods probably shouldn't be touching that file, especially if they're gimmicky, like adding squeaks or whatever they do. Make sure there are no loose files overriding that file.

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