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Thanks for Erection over underwear mod- motherlode

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Thanks  @Motherlodesims  for creating underwear with erection . Joined many patreon this month for SIMS packages/ mods but you are the first one to full fill the request from your subscriber. Really appreciate all the hard work you put to full fill your subscribers request.

This underwear mod opens new set of possibility with sex animations. attached some animated gifs which may give you idea for creating sex animations with this special underwear.

If others have ideas on more sex animations which can be included , you can post gif/pic  for @Motherlodesims and others working hard to create animations for SIMS Lovers.








21128973.webp 22881998.webp 23165102.webp

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On 5/25/2021 at 9:29 AM, thyash70 said:

Hope this underwear can be part of tattoo or skin category so no clipping happens with this underwear mod.

Thanks i say,

No, its not a skin, is a common underwear, just painting work (awhile). I would like to implement in the future something really better than the last model , but would be cool if i can use the common penis mesh as model for the other animation as you can see like these or someother ideas:


Or something for stripclub like this


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