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[Request] [Question] Any mod that adds 3D Pubic Hair on SE?

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Before anyone says something like "This one" and it's for Oldrim, I don't know nothing about scipting or coding or porting mods in Skyrim (I want to learn cause I have soo much ideas but cause the U I don't have too much time), soo please, don't post like that, not now, no everyone who plays Skyrim knows that basics of modding. (Ok, rage out) 


Soo, what I'm looking is a mod that hads pubes, like Neisa or Onean (I know you know that Followers), I have been looking out and find something on Nexus, but didn't work for me, I just installed it like any other mod, just activating it on MO2 and that's all, something like that exist? 

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I have always used the Painted Lady mod from Oldrim (I had to convert the meshes and textures to SE though), but there's an easier option now:

I have not tried that mod yet, but most likely does exactly what you want. It applies pubes to female NPCs using SOS, and you can also use it to apply them to your character - and you can customize the chance for each type of pube depending on the race, but you can also manually set it for each individual NPC. All ingame in the MCM.
Pubes will vanish as long as something is equipped in the slot 52 (most panties) or in slot 32 (vanilla body clothing/armor).

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