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[QUESTION] Mesh repair/fixes

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Ok so, to start off I have Neo's Oriental Dress Set, plus the updates for full HDT rigging for the breasts and weight support.


HOWEVER one of the meshes {or in this case two of them} regardless of texture, somehow get all jagged and jittery and "torn up" when the character is at 100% weight, this happens only on the right brest however. big shredded dress look really.


What I want to know {or at least have a guide step by step {with pictures as I am not really used to nifskope}} is how to fix those two meshes so the breast wont stick through whe nthe character is at 100% weight.


Heck, anywhere above 80% weight at the right brest goes crazy on the character.


All the other dresses in the set work perfectly fine with no issues or clipping anywhere on the character though. Its just the mesahes for dress 20, known as OD20_0.nif and OD20_1.nif that have breast clipping issues, the rest of the dresses dont have the issue.


I personally would love a guide on how to fix this.

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I don't know the armor so I don't know if it has BodySlide files or not. I'm just gonna assume here that you only want to fix the mesh file and not a BodySlide project.
Ironically Outfit Studio, which comes packed with BodySlide, is still the best tool for this. (there is no way you can do this in NifSkope)


In Outfit Studio simply import the mesh (File -> Import -> From NIF...). Then to fix it just watch the next 35 seconds from the timestamp in this video: (I know it's a Fallout tutorial but it works the same for Skyrim)


Finally just export the mesh again (File -> Export -> To NIF...) and you're done.

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It does not have bodyslide files, at least, as far as I am aware, tthe mod itself is called Neo's Oriental Dress Set, and I also have the addon for UNBP+HDT-BBP. apparently the add on is the one with issues for the right breast, and also the underbreast for both breasts at full weight. I will try with outfit stuido, thanks!

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