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Make your own sims be artistic

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This is for sims 4 in general How to make a sim. You don't  need Patreon if you want to pay money for a sim go to patreon. What I do is I become a member at Pinterest.com or ca or Thesimsresource.com <---- they have good celebrities sims. And get all hair makeup eyes mouth and look for the sliders you will need and body parts at loverslab. And that's it and be creative 


And make coffee ROFL

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Perhaps this is for TS4, and I make things for TS3, but must say that I could never understand why anyone would pay for a premade sim? For me, half of the fun is going into CAS and customizing the sims the other half is going "SHOPPING" for that perfect piece of CC! Or in my case, perhaps making it, if I can't find what I want. Still, as @Kapricashade634 said, plenty of places have plenty of CC and plenty of custom sliders to get that look you want! )))


I prefer chilled vodka, thanks! )))

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Why did you not post this in The Sims 4 General section?


As for the topic: No one ever needed to tell me this.

Why would I deprive myself of the fun of using every tool at my disposal (be it in-game tools or custom content) to craft a Sim which looks exactly the way that I want them to, something that no one else could ever do no matter how long that they try. Sure, I'll use other people's Sims as Townies and background characters but that is so everyone does not look like they have the same designer. The same goes for houses. 

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