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Hey everyone



I have been searching always for the best collisions specially in sexlab scenes between Male or futanari genitals and Female genitals   so that you could have the best  way to make for example a Futa character with larger then normal Penis and avoid over penetration  , I know there is a mod  for that but that is not the way I want this cause of belly bulge effect etc...


I use CBBE 3B  body HDT SMP, and so far it improved those a lot , but still isn't what I want , i bet a lot more people would want that two ...


So I thought , is the vagina collisions made for a certain size of penis  and can it be made for bigger sized ones ???

Cause as I understand collision object is in fact like a pipe with collisions added inside the Base body you use for females and also added in the Penis itself , so if its made bigger would probably support larger genitals during sexlab scenes  and even with some Creature scenes ...correct me and explain it to me if this can be done ???






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