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Valkyria Chronicles Model Swaps

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Hi guys,


I've been looking for mods specifically for Valkyria Chronicles 4 today but it seems there are no mods for the entire franchise!


I found an exchange on the Steam forums talking about it being a pain to mod, but at the same time a user proved it's certainly possible: https://steamcommunity.com/app/790820/discussions/0/1733216261950405529/


I've never delved into modding myself, but I feel like this is a wasted opportunity, especially since some of the female characters have near-nude models already in the game just needing to be swapped for the player-controlled model... As mentioned in the thread above though, it took a modder nearly 3 hours to find a specific model - so it's clearly not an easy task which is why I'd imagine nobody has actually done it.


Anyway - I couldn't really find any other discussions other than that link, so I thought maybe I'd get a conversation started here.


Does anybody know anything of this game franchise and its modding history?

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