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  1. You have a mod that switches the creature meshes when the mods are activated. My guess would be something like this; http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22672-sexlab-nude-creatures-v11-081113/ You need to find the path of the mesh that mod switches to for the animations, and replace that mesh. Hopefully this will be a problem that will be fixed with upcoming versions of SexLab, I hear that there will be compatibility with Dawnguard and the canines in that DLC in the near future, so I'll be altering my upload of Judah to work with this in the future. For now, try to find that mod conflict if
  2. My Judah is quite literally refusing to stay in his shepard form. I've tried renaming the shepard.nif to the dog.nif, but he still returns to the same old wolfhound during sex. I just don't know what to try anymore...
  3. I have the same problem with the actor working and the creature not, but I only seem to have it for wolves/dogs. Any thoughts?
  4. I have a bug with LC which seems to force the same sex position every time. If I use a bed OR SexIS to start sex, it'll go into a position for a second, then force into the same position as always. It was initially stuck in the lying blowjob position, but now it's stuck with the initial position which you are given. No matter how many times I have sex it always goes into this position. I turned off LC and everything worked normally again. I've ran the delete old scripts also. Any ideas?
  5. Has anyone else come across an issue where initiating a scene with the player involved automatically goes to blowjob? Anyone have any ideas how I can fix that? For reference, sex starts in any position, then after a second it forces into blowjob.
  6. Is there a way to disable the moaning? I've come across a bug where it's repeatedly playing the moaning and I can't make it stop with exiting to desktop. I tried disabling the mod but I can't load without crashing, and I don't want to lose this character.
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