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Mods from the Trash Can

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I have deleted a couple of my Script mod threads because they were basically WIP and not ready for release.

They were protected system files that need special attention and I knew better.

Marburg had to beat me into submission but I fixed the problem. ?


Also deleted a couple of my clothing addons mainly because of some major updates but they really weren't posted in the right place.


Never used blender much I prefer to modify script. I'm an amateur but I can study just about any script and shred it, modify and

put it back together. Recently have been combining mesh scripts. The in game bikini01 had a shemale version and 2 replacer mods,

combined all 4 into 1 mod, select the different options in the latex/options menu.



I use a female model with a strapon mod, that's the primary reason is to make shemale options "Panty Bulge" available for female models.

There are more than a dozen game originals and addons that I have modified this way. It makes all clothing options available to all models


Here are some of the new Orca Liquid mods I'm working on.



Any way I'm just doing some house keeping not going anywhere. You can't get rid of me that easy.

Got a lot of addons about ready as soon as I'm done testing.


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TrashyPanty 1-4 combined into 1 mod, made addons out of the 2 replacers many moons ago.

Bikini 01 the 2 replacers and the shemale version, are like most of the rest I'm working

on right now. They include "alt" mesh script but use identical textures.

Combine the mesh scripts and make the options available to all genders.


TrashyPanty1 "Bikini" 4 options
4 in to 1 Bikini mod glitched, would not undress. Fixed, I had to re do the mesh script.

Won't be happy till y'all test it and let me know, I really shredded these scripts.

Enabled for all genders, options to "block genitals" if necessary. The biggest reason for

doing this was to show her Bulge proudly. I prefer a female model both genital and no balls.



TrashyPanty5 "Panty" 6 Options
In game was Angel HotPants, Mesh script had lots of shapes to show or hide.
You'll just have to check it out



Trashy Panty6 "Panty" 2 Options "Original attached to scrotum and option2 attached to Penis"

Mini Bikini R9Panty025 found in VX, alt mesh is linked to scrotum. Shemale version Bikini

expands with the nut sack. Wanted to link to penis, took several attempts but it worked.

The clipping was pretty severe when I first started. It turned out better than I expected.




Watch this short clip to see her stretch out those nasty panties.

Stretching Her Panties


These script files have been heavily modified. I've got half a dozen more I'm working on.

I think they're safe for Public Consumption but I will feel better after a little more testing.


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