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Hi. I loaded up my Skyrim SE game today as per usual in MO2 and no new mods added or any changes made. When i loaded it up everything had a nasty edge to it and shadows and lighting looks so odd. i tried starting the default Skyrim SE from Steam and it looks fine. 


I then tried uninstalling every mod in MO2 and loading it in case it was a mod but it still looks aweful. 


Can anyone help me with this? soemthing has changed and i dont know what. Its not my graphics card or driver as they are up to date and all other games are fine and the default Skyrim SE looks perfect. But now running Skyrim via my SKSE in MO2 looks aweful with or without mods. I have the up to date SKSE files.


I will try to attach a screenshot.



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ok i am confused. my screenshots look fine yet on my screen i have aweful shadows around everything. Does anyone know why a screenshot looks ok yet ingameit doesnt? what could do that? why would a screenshot look 100% fine yet the game itself look horrid?

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