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Bodyslide issues + stupid first person body bug.

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all my text and formatting vanished when I posted this. oh well I'll try again. currently editing. It keeps wiping out all of my formatting and I'm tired of redoing this. So fuck it, wall of screenshots.


I have this problem with modded armors. look at the waistline and skin textures between the outfits in bodyslide and in-game.




CBBE Underwear perfectly fine.




 Burnt corpse texture in bodyslide but all good in-game




Barbarian armor from Immersive Armors (I have the CBBE bodyslide conversion mod like I always used). The shape is all wrong (look at the waistline) and the body texture is stretched as if I'm using the wrong body type. Unless this conversion mod isn't working anymore idk what's up.


Freaky first person body bug? I have no first person body mods or the joy of perspective option selected in the XP32 skeleton FOMOD. Not only do I have freaky Gollum arms but my character doesn't look up or down. Also the body shape is totally wrong so idk what this is.









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