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Racemenu Bodygen and Project Proteus

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So I really like what Proteus is doing with adding other player characters into game worlds. I'm also using Bodygen to diversify body types of NPCs somewhat, and this is causing me a bit of a conundrum. See, I set up my characters to have different Racemenu slider values because I like my characters to have different bodies, and I would like these values to be preserved when I import these characters into other game instances. However, these slider values are being overwritten by my bodygen templates when they get loaded into the game. 


Is there any way to set up an exception so that NPCs being spawned by Proteus don't get their morphs overwritten by base templates? Barring that, is there a way to force their bodygen morph data to use their saved preset values, outside of clearing my skse co-save and forcefully reapplying preset values on the spawned NPCs' base IDs? 

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My morphs.ini looks like:



You see that ""skyrim.esm|00000007=None" line?


The whole thing reads like:

- All Female use FRandom template

- All Male use a list of some templates

- but actor Skyrim.esm | 0000007 (that is by the way the ID of Player Character) uses template None


None is a template. My templates.ini looks like:

FRandom=AreolaSize@0.0:1.0,Breasts@-0.1:0.5, breastsfantasy@-0.1:0.2, breastsnewsh@-0.1:0.2,breastssmall@-1.0:0.5,breastssmall2@-1.0:0.5,doublemelon@-0.2:0.2,breastwidth@-0.75:0.1,breastheight@-0.2:0.2,breasttogether@-0.4:0.0,hipbone@-0.5:1.0,hips@-0.2:0.2,hipsupperwidth@-0.5:0.5,thighs@-0.5:1.0,waist@-0.5:1.0,widewaistline@-0.5:1.0,nipplesize@-1.5:0.1,butt@0.0:1.0,bigtorso@-0.5:0.0,chestwidth@-0.5:0.0



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I was under the impression that bodygen morphs didn't actually apply on the PC in skyrim (SE) - repeated testing never produced any results for me while i had visible confirmation bodygen was applying morphs correctly to NPCs. However, the none flag gives me a possible solution to this issue, so thanks for your input.

EDIT: I have a temporary fix where I'll tag the females spawned by Proteus's esp to randomly apply the unp morphs of my presets - however, this is still a pretty hackjob solution and I am open to other, hopefully cleaner, solutions.

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4 hours ago, essfour said:

I was under the impression that bodygen morphs didn't actually apply on the PC in skyrim (SE)

You must start a new game. Bodygen will do morphs only once, when actor is first created. As PC is created the 1st and only once at the start of game ...


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On 5/9/2021 at 3:39 AM, Fotogen said:

You must start a new game. Bodygen will do morphs only once, when actor is first created. As PC is created the 1st and only once at the start of game ...


I am aware of this, and was trying it by starting new games. I am open to the idea that I didn't do it correctly, but that's beside the point.


In any case, I solved my issue: I simply changed my catch-all body allocation to individually target each archive that added NPCs (base game, official DLCs, follower mods, etc) and chose to omit Proteus's esp, and this has given me the results I was after.

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