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BakaFactory Bikini armor quest HELP!

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Title says it all. BakaFactory has a few mods on his patreon that are rather badly documented and his discord isn't much help either. I've been wondering how to start this questline in Bikini armor quest. It seems interesting but nothing triggers when I speak to the NPC in Riverwood. I'm hoping someone else has actually played this mod and knows a thing or two about it.


Link to Mod : https://www.patreon.com/posts/bikini-armor-2-32340763

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i simply waited a while till he started talking(i cant remember what he says). i say maybe give it the old 15 min wait irl and see then. ive gotten up to trying to get the falmer, blade, wolf bikinis as well as the ebony and another quest, but im heavilly underleveled but i can help as much as i can.

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I got the quest working after installing both his dialogue and approach mods, your welcome 


little edits for the links:

I don't know if you need both of them, I just did install both and by pure luck ended up talking to niceman guy in riverwood and the quest kicked in for the first time ever.

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On 5/25/2021 at 7:17 PM, umbraargentum said:

soo how did you manage to make it work lad?


I was pulling my hair off trying to make the quest start for so long  on my SE setup and I ended up giving up.... then couple months later I started using Babo dialogue and its requirements and I eventually got to riverwood and the guy from the bikini armor mod actually came to me and triggered the quest dialogue to my surprise lol. I am not sure why it finally worked but I genuinely think its the "zaz animation pack 8 plus" that made the quest works, its the only mod that I added to my setup as a requirement for babo dialogue. Sorry for the bad English.


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