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Make Female Enemies Pretty, But Also Rare

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I tend to play slaver type games, so I collect female enemies rather than killing them.  But all the mods I've found that make the female enemies pretty also make them so maybe 95% of your opponents are female. The upshot of this is that I very quickly end up with 100 slaves or so and the engine creaks and groans under the strain.


So what I want is a mod that makes the raider and gunner girls pretty, but makes 90% of the raiders and gunners male. That say I can  murder my way through places like Corvega, and when I do encounter the occasional female adversary, she becomes a rare and precious find, and one worth slapping collar and cuffs onto. Value is a function of scarcity, after all, and too many raider girls devalues slaves as a whole.


I'll probably have a look at the problem myself at some point, but I was wondering if a solution already existed.

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Meet the New Raiderettes is one that is guilty of this changes two leveled list one of which basically completely removes the 9M to 5F ratio for 30F by changing the male faces to female in the NPC actor templates while also changing the legendary level list ratio. Probably could fix this easily in FO4edit just copying some males back into the affected list to return the ratio.

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3 hours ago, Farsh-nuke said:

Just collect the named ones.


That's what I always tell myself I'm going to do. I never do manage to keep to it though :)


3 hours ago, Farsh-nuke said:

I also recommend you look at Male Take Over and the Raider Gangs Extended mod https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42414


I'll have a look at RGE - sounds interesting even in its own right. MTO always put me off with toe 100% conversion ratio.


2 hours ago, aghjax said:

Meet the New Raiderettes is one that is guilty of this changes


That's probably where I get it from. I use Lots More Settlers And Enemies which "Raiderettes" has deprecated in favor of. I recognize all the faces in the image as well :)


2 hours ago, aghjax said:

Probably could fix this easily in FO4edit just copying some males back into the affected list to return the ratio.


I thought about that. Thing that puts me off is that to get to the sort of 90% male ratio I wanted, I'd end up adding 9 new male actors for each female raider or gunner, which seems like a lot. Although heavily templated, it might not be too much of an overhead.


I might have a play with that.

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Perhaps it could be a sister mod to RRS so the lady raiders have special loot on them to encourage you to hunt them out. Itd be hilarious to find RRS tats on raiders from your mod. Perhaps you could have a version that intersperses the rare super pretty extra loot lady raiders into a normal level list as an option for those of us that don't mind so much.


For what its worth I use raider queens and beautiful female enemies which specifically lists that it doesn't replace every raider if you want a better place to start from than flipping a majority female raider replace list to majority male

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