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Adding AnimObjects from one mod to another

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For example, how could I use the cum effects from some of Billy's creature animations in different animation packs?


"The use of AnimObjects is soley defined in the behaviors, and always attached to specific animation calls. Meaning, the same AnimObjects can be used with different animation files, and vice versa. However, because of this hard-coded definition method you cannot add custom AnimObjects without modifying behavior files. Or, like thorGraves said, use FNIS."  - from Fore on a nexus forum thread, but I don't really understand how to utilize this. 

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You basically specify the animation object on the same line as the animation file in the FNIS animation list for your mod. The looks something like this


o Your_Idle_Name Your_Animation_File.hkx Animation_Object_Name_1 Animation_Object_Name_2


What you can't do is change the animation object in an existing animation. You need to define a new idle, and you can't do that without copying the hkx file. Have a look at the FNIS documentation for the exact format, or dig through some FNIS_*_list.txt files for examples.,

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