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Converting sexlab Humanoid Creature Animations to Human Animations, is it possible?

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Title says it all. Is there anyway to convert a humanoid creature animation pack to a human animation pack in sexlab?
I mean, there are some pretty awesome Falmer and Draugr animations, and i would love to be able to play them with my human character.

Is there a way to convert such a thing, or a way to simply play these animations with Human x Human?

I can imagine that animations with creatures such as Rieklings, Giants, Trolls and so on are a no go due to the completely different skeleton. But Falmers and Draugr seem pretty similar to a human, body structure wise.

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On 4/28/2021 at 3:50 AM, MadMansGun said:

similar yes but not exact, you need exact to be able to do that.


therefor no, it's not possible.

Thanks for answering man! Sad that i does not work that way, well, thanks anyways!

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