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Star Wars Empire At War: - where to jump in with mods?

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Hey, I picked up a new game,   Empire at War.

I want to go ahead and mod it, but in particular Im looking for basic mods.

IN skyrim terms,   if your gonna mod "Most" folk should at minimum get:

SKSE + Unofficial patch + SMIM + Papyrus + SKYUI..


Some base lines things that kind of - fix alot under the hood so to speak.

From there can usually start branching off into - do i use cleverchaffs or not, do i use JKs or not..  but ...

SO - Where i'm kind of lost with Empire at War is:

1) what is the EaW "equivalent" to SKSE + Unofficial patch + SMIM + Papyrus + SKYUI?
2) Graphical mods to bring it to "2k" or "4k"?  Hoping for all in ones, vs 10000 small mods but /new to EaW scene, will take what i can get.

From what i see so far:   "Empire at war Remake" is  SKSE et all + graphical upgrades in an all in one?
   basically, a vanilla+ skyrim mod list

FWIW skyrim ==/== starwars, etc.. talking in the general function/goal of the mod, im not expecting to see SKSE for eaw.

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