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[mod] DoA 6 CPU vs CPU Trainer Mod

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DoA 6 CPU vs CPU Trainer Mod

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Requires Cheat Engine to work (http://cheatengine.org).  It allows you to host CPU vs CPU matches like regular gameplay instead of having to watch the endless mode.  Also included are the searchable numbers for HP and Energy in case you want to lock the values.  The address for HP and Energy changes from match to match for the most part, so you'll likely have to look for them over and over.

DOA6CPULJ is the original 1.0 version with no audio notifications when you select the options using the number keys, DOA6CPULJSND is the one with audio notifications.  


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On 7/28/2021 at 8:07 AM, z31wnx said:

Good job. And can you make a cheat code to change CPU levels  ? Like Lv8 VS Lv1


Messed with it a little, but that's something that'll take at least a couple of hours to get worked out.


Took an hour and a half'ish.  Version with CPU VS CPU options uploaded.

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Having trouble getting the CPU skill setting to work consistently.  Download the 1.01 version for now.

EDIT For more info: The value for the CPU difficulty is one below what it is on the menu screen.  So if it's set to 5, then you search for 4.  Multiple addresses point to this, and changing one of them doesn't always work, or it affects both of them.  The other issue I'm running into is that the memory address changes every time you start the game, and turning on the de-randomizer crashes the game.  I'll try loading the table in the Cheat Happens Trainer Maker and see if I can get it working there, but that could also make it so it only works in the trainer maker.


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On 9/30/2021 at 7:25 AM, adiscord46 said:

i am new to doa6 please guide me how to proceed after loading your files in cheat engine, inside the game i dont see any changes a video will help alot to load all this thanks in advance

did you get it working? it doesnt seem like anything changed after loading it in


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On 4/23/2022 at 6:12 PM, stillibleed said:

Hi , I cant seem to get this to work. I have DOA6 v1.20. When i try to click the box on cheat engine it gives me that "ding" noise. I am lost. Please help

The trainer is made for 1.22.  I've been made aware of an issue regarding trainer versions.  It won't work on earlier versions.

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If you have the current version of the game, you go into an exhibition fight in character select, open the trainer, select CPU control with the dropdown box and lock the values by clicking the radio button on the left side of the trainer options.  

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*interesting fact*


i managed to find the hex adress for both cpu1 AND cpu2 player skill BUT it was mentioned in another thread i think because i cannot find it anywhere now THAT the exact values change each round or character selection page, at least so you have to fiddle with the values like 0-7 whereas they stand for skill 1-8 and search for it in the memory register.. ALWAYS for either cpu1  or cpu2 (player2) as left character of joypad selection, then when you found adress of no1 do the same with 2 then setting both values in game screen sets player 1 (cpu1) and player2 (cpu2) you have to set manually via cheat engine when you have both adresses... 


i already did it had lvl 8 fighting vs lvl 4 for couple of hours looks really great because from 4-5+ they use special moves though always player 1 wins.. *ggg*  (f.x. 8 vs 7 really depends on the ego you choose, and little one pure luck of the moves...) (if you choose strong one often 7 wins over 8 too...  )


ps i even forgot where to find the hex values but once found one and both cpu"s are set, they are few memory pages away from each other and always have same formatting but every restart you must look after the values because the main setting is set for both cpu i think..


have a nice day..

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I'm really late to the party, but this is what I've been looking for since I was introduced to the seriees with DOA2. This works perfectly!


For those new to Cheat Engine like me, you need to open the trainer and select the DOA6 process.  Then just go into a regular Fight vs COM, but select 1P in Cheat Engine. Now both fighters will be CPU. The skill level you set for the CPU will affect both of them. Now I'm creating my own CPU vs CPU tournaments and just sitting back watching the fun.

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