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What does the peeping tom guy do with the pictures?

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I noticed you can sell pictures you take if you play the role of peeping tom, so I was wondering what the dude that Turbo made that is one of two peeping toms does with the pictures he takes?


Does he even take pictures or is it just an animation?  Does he sell them online?


If your reading this turbo maybe that could be something to expand on, including a blackmail system or even just a basic reputation system if it doesnt already exist related to pictures that are uploaded?  Maybe it causes your sim to be approached more for sex by strangers (which they can turn down) but could increase seems flirting with your sims?


Anyway for now I'm just wondering if the peeping tom is really tkaing pictures or selling them automatically?

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The pictures he takes are just animations. There are no real photos taken.
But the blackmail system, etc., would be really cool. Tubo recently announced that it is working on a system where you can take sexy photos and sell them on the internet. Like a pornhub thing but photos. It looks like it should be out of here for a while, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it goes.
I think the idea is very cool for those who are exploring sexual careers and are tired of playing prostitute with the NisaK mod (hahaha).


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