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flower girls SE sofia voice over add-on

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23 hours ago, nightshad said:

Screenshot_5.jpg.b95f091b4bf5ef28e0216d729619b7ba.jpgher voice overs still muted :  ( 

Okay, so I never actually used FG, so I cant be much help here, but I did find this on the description page under "Installation":


3. Please note also that like many mods that add custom dialogue to the game; if your installing FlowerGirls into an existing save game the dialogue options need time to start up. In most cases if you talk to a FlowerGirl NPC or your wife and follower and are NOT seeing any FlowerGirl dialogue entries after install. Create a new save, then restart the game and reload your new save and the dialogue should then appear. If it STILL doesn't appear, don't panic. Create yet another new save, and try moving FlowerGirls.esp higher in your load order, then reload save. The problem will resolve itself eventually regardless once Skyrim catches up. 


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On 4/3/2021 at 10:37 PM, nightshad said:

everything works the problem is Sofia's voice lines are muted >< ended up uninstalling it =/

The pack would not voice the line of dialougues. the pack would only add moaning sfx during animation. They are the same with the vanila sfx files contained in the FG main file. Just think about, to voice the dialougue you need to ask the original voice actor to record new lines, which is not something likely to happen.

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