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[Scripting] Looking for Tutor/Co-Author/Support

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looking for a motivated scripter who is willing to answer my questions in chat (discord preferably) and look at lines of code together with me.

I want to learn and understand.

I can return the favour by creating textures, texts, audio editing and possibly even voice acting. 


I m currently working on Naked Defeat mod and removed alot of functions and code and face two big problems:

- Calm spell stopped working

- Creatures only have 2P animations in sex. 

I want to change both and also add more features based on the existing once (punishment for beeing dirty/cum soaked, forced bathing, etc.) with as much compatibility as possible. 


I spent almost a week now trying to understand code. I started working on scripts only 2 years ago and I still have only very basic knowlegde. 
I look at mods and what they do and try to make my way from there, comparing, changing, testing.


But I want to learn more and do more. But the tutorials I find most often do not help me in my quests, meaning they are too far away from the script problems that I face. 


Thank you :)


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