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[REQ] A slight modification. ( Gatti, if you are here, please... >: )


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There was, I guess a newer release, of this: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/12954 and it's REALLY good. I love it. Except a few issues. The 'belt buckle' and the tasles. I use it with a few other armor pieces, and... It... Just kinda doesn't work. I know Creation Kit enough to edit item properties (Light to Heavy, Weapon Damage, Enchants, etc.) But the one thing I tried in NifScope didn't seem to work. Since I am rather impatient with my own workings, but not with others, I thought I would ask here, if, with Gatti's permission of course, that someone with knowledge of NifScope could remove those two items, and make it work on the CBBE Bodyslide. For some reason, it doesn't seem to wanna work for me (though as I type, I am thinking it might just be me. >.< Going to try something, and will edit my post if it works. >.<)


Anywho, thank you for your time, and being a great community.


Edit: Yeah, I tried it, and it didn't work. :< So.... Hopefully someone can help. ^.^

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Yeah... Blender is totally greek to me. :< Like... I can't even figure out how to change the cube. >.< But, looking over the tutorial, for such a minor change for one person, it's a lot of work. Thank you for the quick reply, though. ^.^ I'll just wait till the Nightshade armor becomes available for CBBE. ^.^

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I'm actually gradually learning and could probably do something as simple as you're asking soon. The editing part wouldn't be too hard for me I've done it before in blender. I'm actually getting 3Dmax to see if its easier to use because like you, I look at most of the functions for 3D programs and its just miles over my head.


Removing mesh parts is pretty easy though. I just need to find the patients to sit down and listen to someone ramble in a tutorial. Which is the hard part for my bleak attention span when all I want to know is current information not a 5 minute side track how something now is important 50 steps later and is completely irrelevant at my current level of knowledge. Because all I really need is some basics on the needed things like having the skeleton and body in when editing the armor for later export back into the game.


Cause it all rolls back to I'm super lazy with a short attention span, so without motivation and an interesting teacher I just feel like Sisyphus when trying to learn.

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Cause it all rolls back to I'm super lazy with a short attention span, so without motivation and an interesting teacher I just feel like Sisyphus when trying to learn.


This a million times. LOL! While yes, I would -love- to learn the programs, not only for Skyrim, but for other applications as well, I am... Easily bored and have the attention span of a gnat.


That is why, I am so grateful to the wonderful modders here, who, even if it is only 15 minutes worth of work (and we all know it isn't 99% of the time), put out things that I can't.


Sometimes it amazes me some people's level of entitlement. I am grateful for every mod, even if they don't work how -I- would like them.


<3 you all. ^.^

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You could do something like this using just nifskope and a graphics program.






Yeah. I tried using NifScope, but no clue what I was doing in there. >.< Though, by removing that buckle, it seems you lost the top of the stockings.

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