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Need help with unity modding...

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Hello ! 

so i have been trying to edit a unity game files, i know what files i want to replace. but when i try to open the resource files i want to edit (using AssetBundleExtractor) it gives me this error:

"(Unable to read the bundle file (invalid file or unknown version)" 

i have tried a different one (uTinyRipper) and it crashes when i try to load those files, Tho i have tested same resource file but from old version of the same game and they open normally with both extractors. 

it is my first time trying those tools so i looked into that issue and all i can get is that, the updated game files are "Encrypted" and that I need to do something with "Assembly-CSharp.dll" using dnSpy decompiler but when i open it i just have no idea what i should do with it... i tried looking for assembly files that has anything to do with that error and got nothing...


just to clarify, game is "blackthorn arena" and there are 2 files that contain the female body textures that needs to be edited (humanfemale) and (orc_dwarf_female_bodys)



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